"ᱣᱤᱠᱤᱯᱤᱰᱤᱭᱟ:ᱠᱷᱩᱴ ᱵᱚᱞᱚᱱ ᱦᱚᱨ" ᱨᱮᱱᱟᱜ ᱫᱚᱦᱲᱟᱭᱮᱱ ᱛᱟᱞᱟᱨᱮ ᱯᱷᱟᱨᱟᱠ

Admin attention needed
(Admin attention needed)
[[#Guidelines|4 ᱜᱚᱲᱚ ᱦᱟᱛᱟᱣᱢᱮ]]
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ᱠᱷᱩᱴ ᱵᱚᱞᱚᱜ ᱦᱚᱨ </h1>
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ᱠᱷᱩᱴ ᱥᱚᱢᱵᱟᱫ
== Call for Participation, Wikicamp Nepal 2018 ==
Hi there, Sorry for writing this in English.<br />
We wanted to inform you that Call for Participation for [[:m:Wikicamp Nepal 2018|Wikicamp Nepal 2018]], which is being held in Lahan, Nepal on November 21–23, 2018 are now being accepted. '''Call for Participation are open until 30 September 2018, 23:59:59.''' To learn more about Wikicamp Nepal 2018 Call for Participation, Please visit: [[:m:Wikicamp Nepal 2018/Call for Participation]].
To submit for call for participation, please do that '''[[:m:Wikicamp_Nepal_2018Wikicamp Nepal 2018/Call_for_ParticipationCall for Participation#Submission of proposals|this way]].'''
It is highly recommended that presenters review all the material on the Call for Participation page and [[:m:Wikicamp Nepal 2018/FAQ|the associated FAQ]] before submission. If you have any questions, please contact: wikicampnepal at gmail.com or leave a message at: [[:m:Talk:Wikicamp Nepal 2018/Call for Participation]]. Please help us spread the word and translate pages, also requested to local sysop to create a [[Mediawiki:Sitenotice|Sitenotice]] about it !
'''Hello {{BASEPAGENAME}},'''<br />
<small>'''Sorry for writing in English.'''</small><br />
We are glad, you are the part of [[:m:WCN2018|WCN2018]]. So, you are WCNian. Congratulations! \o/
Many thanks,<br />
&mdash;&nbsp;[[User:Tulsi Bhagat|<fontspan colorstyle="color:black;">'''Tulsi Bhagat'''</fontspan>]] <small>([[Special:Contributions/Tulsi Bhagat|<fontspan colorstyle="color:black;">contribs</fontspan>]] &#124; [[User talk:Tulsi Bhagat|<fontspan colorstyle="color:black;">talk</fontspan>]])</small>,<br />
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== Regarding Sitenotice on this wiki ==
Dear administrators of this wiki,
Now there are currently 5 notices on the sitenotice of this Wikipedia. It makes the user experience bad when such notices are put on the page. I would like you to install Advance site notice on this Wiki to make the experience more better. You can see it's example on [https://mr.wikisource.org/wiki/%E0%A4%AE%E0%A5%81%E0%A4%96%E0%A4%AA%E0%A5%83%E0%A4%B7%E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%A0 Marathi wikisource] --[[ᱵᱮᱵᱷᱟᱨᱤᱭᱟᱹ:Tiven2240|Tiven2240]] ([[ᱵᱮᱵᱷᱟᱨᱤᱭᱟᱹ ᱜᱟᱞᱢᱟᱨᱟᱣ:Tiven2240|ᱜᱟᱞᱢᱟᱨᱟᱣ]]) ᱐᱓:᱑᱒, ᱔ ᱱᱚᱵᱷᱮᱢᱵᱚᱨ ᱒᱐᱑᱙ (UTC)